Bike Brake Lever

TECALUM collaborates with UPC's students to design an aluminium product

TECALUM works with students of the UPC in a BIKE BRAKE LEVER design

" The basic function of brake levers is to activate the brake mechanism, which allows people to slow down or stop while they are riding a bike. There are two types of mechanism: mechanic brakes or hydraulic, and both functioning and effectiveness are really different. Also there are differences between all kind of modalities there are in the world of biking, without taking into account if they are hydraulic or mechanic and different kind of materials, depending on the quality of them.

We made some research and look for the way we could produce these brake levers if it was a real project and we needed to make series of this product.

The best way seems to be aluminium extruding. As this was only a prototype, we used laser cutting on a plate, but if it was a massive production, we would design an extruding die with the lever shape and then proceed with the aluminium extruded using the alloy billets. The next step would be cut layers on the profile and smoothen every brake lever.

This way, the brake levers design is sustainable because all defective pieces and excesses would be recycled (and the lever itself once it has been used). This way to shape the lever optimizes production related to energy and time invested. "