TECALUM SL supports the healthcare sector


From TECALUM we have joined to the initiative of the CV19 group Impression Garrotxa.

The task we are doing is to print health items intended to combat COVID-19.

We are currently printing protective screens, approved by the Department of Health for use in hospital ICUs.

Everyone knows the lack of masks, with these screens the toilets avoid having to change masks after the care of each patient. This can reduce consumption to one mask per day. In addition, the screen is an element that can be sanitized as many times as needed and can still be used.

Specifically at Tecalum we print the screen support, with the various 3D printers we have in production and engineering. We have a production capacity of about 25-30 units daily.

In the next phase, a transparent acetate sheet is placed on these screens, and the disinfection process is performed.