We have the expertise knowledge accumulated over several decades making aluminium parts.

We have the expertise knowledge accumulated over several decades making aluminium parts, to get involved in projects from an early stage if required and give technical advice on all aspects of aluminium treatments from suggesting a finish to the selection of appropriate alloy.

The TECALUM team helps to add value to your product designing articles very good conceptualized, thinking on how to manufacture each of them particularly, optimizing the amount of materials and simplifying the manufacturing process by responding to your needs and reducing costs.

 Our team of highly qualified professionals is using 3D CAD software and is working according to the procedures ISO 9001-2015 and getting the prototype for approval.

Our full service will complete with the optimization and simulation of fatigue and loads with finite elements FE obtaining the best fitted selection of materials and aluminium structures.

Current capacities it is a fact that many steel elements can be designed with aluminium, reducing its weight and the environmental impact by competitive costs.