Mission, vision, values

Our mission : to offer our clients optimised solutions.


Our mission; to offer our customers optimised solutions.

Tecalum is a manufacturing company that works methodically with continued improvement as a means to attain constant evolution. We apply advanced technology and develop and innovate both processes and products, creating value and offering technical solutions with integrated design and manufacturing services for the production of components and finished products from extruded aluminium profiles.


Our aim is to emerge as a name of reference in the industrial market as a supplier of high quality aluminium parts with a high added value.


Tecalum’s values and principles are established and maintained by the company’s management, these values are passed on to all our staff and are strictly followed as professional guidelines.



√  Effort and tenacity

√  Respect and generosity

√  Rational self-esteem

√  Enthusiasm (and positive attitude)

√  Flexibility, proactive adaptation to changes


√  Rigour and efficiency in our work

√  Performance, Commitment to objectives and results

√  Ensuring and promoting initiative and responsibility

√  Teamwork

√  Commitment to the company (employees and partners), to customers and suppliers, and to society and the environment