Tecalum is specialized in the manufacture of aluminium products for the industrial sector.

Tecalum, a leading name in aluminium

Experience and innovation are undoubtedly the two concepts that best define our professional character.

With over 40 years of experience in the industry, TECALUM are experts in the manufacture of aluminium products.

With excellence in business as our primary motivation, we have researched and developed processes that have allowed us to evolve and adapt to the demands of a global market.

Advanced technology, bespoke designscontinual production control and a comprehensive service are essential in providing our clients with an optimal and competitive response when it comes to competitive demands.

At Tecalum, we transform your ideas into products.

We create products made to your exact needs and specifications.

We are experts in creating made to measure aluminium products for specific use in the industrial sector. Our vision and experience allows us to offer bespoke products made to the individual needs of our clients: we transform ideas into products.

Our Engineering Department takes care of the initial project phase, providing client consultation on the design and choice of those raw materials to be used.

Our Production Department then proceeds with manufacturing; from extrusion to machining, with the production of profiles using our own machines, as well as surface treatments or the production of closing devices.

The final stage is assembly and packaging – and the delivery of a finished product of guaranteed quality.

Our aluminium products have uses in many different areas and sectors, such as transport, interior design, solar energy, equipment manufacture and signage.